Chicago Bear Kicked Off High School Field • Ex Tosses Bleach on New Gal • Little Lost Dog Far, Far From Home

#PatchChicago: More patients say chiropractor touched them inappropriately • Accused killer granny unfit for trial • Tollway cuts drivers a break and more interesting reads from around Chicagoland.

Catch up on the week's interesting stories from around Chicagoland.

This week in OMGPD: Angry Old Man With a Rake Says He'll Stab Lazy Young Neighbor in the Heart: OMGPD


  • JUNE STORIES: A mom and daughter attacked for looking happy, a tragic camping trip, nuns and strippers who can't get along and funky salad from Trader Joe's.
  • MAY STORIES: A woman who had sex on corpses, a family shot up as they gather to mourn, the violent Miley Cyrus Gang and Portillo's possibly going up for sale.
  • APRIL STORIES: Sexed up teens in condo lobby, a weird DEA raid, Tinley teen on MTV's 16 and Pregnant.
  • MARCH STORIES: A boxer dies defending his daughter, a school bans leggings, a doc trades drugs for sex, a mentally ill judge wants her job back and a new rock-n-roll restaurant is coming soon.
  • FEBRUARY STORIES: A teen going to prom in drag, a tiger in a bar, an inappropriate prof, abused and rescued dogs and hot sex in the back of a cab.
  • JANUARY STORIES: A jilted hubby burns the house down, a big-time heroin bust at the mall, Dave Savini's DUI arrest, a cop's love for poker (while driving).


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