Increase in Turtle Sightings in LITH

The village of Lake in the Hills reminds residents to take precaution around the turtles and not to pick them up.

With a large amount of ponds, streams and lakes in Lake in the Hills there have been an unusual amount of turtle sightings lately. 

Egg-laying typically occurs between mid-May and early July. All turtles must nest on land.

If you happen to come across a turtle trying to cross a sidewalk or street, please take precaution — the turtles are looking for a home to lay their eggs. Never pick up a turtle — a snapping turtles may nip at your fingers or hands.

The best solution is to take a shovel or broom and coax the turtle off the street or sidewalk

After egg-laying, the female again uses her back feet to pull dirt into the hole and pack it down. When the nest is covered, she abandons it, never returning to see her young and she is long gone by the time the eggs hatch. 

For more information, visit the Department of Natural Resources website and search for turtles. 

Source: Village of Lake in the Hills Resident Insider


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