Algonquin Village Board Notes: Founders Days Move; Tax Levy Decrease

The Algonquin Committee of a Whole met last Tuesday.

The Algonquin Village Board will vote Tuesday on whether to decrease the property tax levy in Algonquin by 1 percent.

Last year the board OK’d a 1 percent decrease in the tax levy and village manager William Ganek said he would like to see Algonquin continue with that trend.

He also explained during theTuesday committee of a whole meeting that even if Algonquin decreases its levy, that does not mean the property tax rate will essentially go down.

Other taxing bodies, Ganek said, can ask for as much as a five percent increase in the levy. But he said if the levy decrease is approved, the amount Algonquin will get from property taxes in 2013 will be 1 percent less.

With the economy and housing market still struggling, Algonquin Finance Director Jack Walde said he expects property assessments go down again this year in Algonquin.

Also during last Tuesday’s meeting, Algonquin Founders Day committee members said they are looking for the village board’s approval to move the summer celebration to Algonquin Lakes Park in 2013, 700 Lake Plumleigh Way. Towne Park will be closed next summer as a part of the Western Bypass construction project.

Algonquin Lakes Park is a 35-acre park located behind Algonquin Lakes Elementary School and may provide for more space to have a larger carnival at Founders Days this year while still fitting all of the other typical activities and entertainment expected at the festival. 

The Algonquin Village Board will meet at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at Algonquin Village Hall, 2600 Harnish Drive in Algonquin.


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