Cary's 'School of Rock' Musicians Jam at Algonquin Billiards

Next free concert by the "Variety Show" group will be held on Feb. 2, at Main Street Billiards in Algonquin.


Members of the Variety Show program at the School of Rock in Cary, recently took their show to the Main Street Billiards in Algonquin.

The group of seven musicians performed live last Saturday at the billiards, located at 113 S. Main St. in downtown Algonquin. The group plans another free concert for Feb. 2, in the same location.

The Variety Show program is just one of several offered by School of Rock to give young musicians the opportunity to hone and develop their skills while performing in a real venue.

Variety Show is specifically designed for musicians who know the basics of how to play their instrument and are ready to take it to the stage. Together, the members work on harmonies and musicianship while learning some of the "greatest" rock 'n roll songs, according to SOR.

Samantha McHugh, of Cary, said playing before a live audience has gotten easier each time the group takes the stage.

"It's really scary being up on stage," McHugh said. "But with each show, it becomes easier and more fun. Plus, no matter what, I know my band has my back. Because it's not just confidence that grows with each show. It's how close we all are. No matter how much we tease each other we're not just a band, we're a family."

More information about the Variety Show program, and School of Rock is available on the School of Rock website.



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