Prairie Ridge Coach, Student Save Janitor's Life

Basketball Coach Corky Card, his wife and school mascot Alex Koss used a defibrillator to revive school janitor Daniel Pauling on Friday night.

Prairie Ridge High School varsity basketball coach Corky Card, his wife and a student are credited with saving school janitor Daniel Pauling's life on Friday night, the Northwest Herald reports.

Following basketball games held at the school, Card and his wife noticed Pauling, 59, was sweating profusely and sitting on the bleachers. When Card checked the janitor's pulse, Pauling collapsed in his arms, the Herald article states.

Senior, and school mascot, Alex Koss, ran to get the defibrillator. The trio charged the device and shocked Pauling once. Then Card performed CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, according to the article.

Pauling, who had suffered a heart attack, was revived, and paramedics arrived shortly after to take him to Centegra Hospital – McHenry. He is recovering and expected to be released today, the Herald reports.


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