GALLERY: High School 101

Orchesis Dance Class at South High School presents High School 101.

Orchesis Dance Class at presented High School 101.

The theme of High School 101— Taking you to school all night long — was picked by the students.

Becky Adams, of the Physical Education and Orchesis Department, has a theme box that she decorates with fun colors, cd’s and stuff that relates to dance. The students put their ideas in the box and then vote on the top themes to narrow it to one. 

Most Orchesis classes at high schools are made up of their competitive dance teams, but at South Adams has chosen to mix all skill levels in one class.

"I think it is a great experience for everyone, so they can learn from one another. I believe the kids learn some important life values from my class such as self-confidence, group collaboration and fitness concepts," Adams said.

"I thought the show went extremely well. The groups worked really hard over the semester to get their dances completed for the concert and had a really great time," Adams said after the show. "There is always a great adrenaline rush for the kids right before we open the doors to let everyone in."


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