Kyle Long Makes Good on Promise to Help Bullied Huntley Boy, 9

Bears Pro Bowl guard Kyle Long promised to support a local boy who has been the victim of bullying. This past weekend, he hung out with Andrew Oyston and posted photos from the day on his Twitter page.

Credit: @Ky1eLong Twitter page
Credit: @Ky1eLong Twitter page
Bears Pro Bowl guard Kyle Long spent part of this past weekend hanging out with a 9-year-old Huntley boy who he had promised to support after the boy's father told Long about the bullying his son has endured, according to ESPN.com. 

Oyston has been picked on by his classmates for nearly three years because of his weight and the bullying got so bad, the Huntley boy had to change schools, according to the article. 

Frank Oyston, Andrew's father, said his son reached a point where he didn't know what to do to deal with the bullying and this is when Frank decided to reach out to Long over social media, according to ESPN.com. 

Oyston sent the following tweet to @Ky1eLong on April 8: "My son is being teased on the school bus and being called all sorts of names.” And Long responded that he would ride the bus with Andrew. 

Long followed up with this tweet: "I mean if I could get permission to it would be cool! I was bullied on the bus as well…" 

Long and Frank Oyston exchanged messages for about a month before finding a date that would work to meet up, according to Fox Sports. 

This past Saturday, Long joined the Oyston family at Chuck E. Cheese for their youngest daughter's birthday where he had pizza and played games before  returning to the Oyston's home in Huntley to play catch and take pictures, according to the article. 

Long photos from day on his Twitter page. 

Read more on ESPN.com.


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