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Hundreds Attend District 300 Meeting, Sound Off on Teacher Negotiations

LEAD 300, District 300's teacher's union, recently declared an impasse.

Hundreds of teachers, students and parents crowded a District 300 school board meeting Monday night to demand smaller classroom sizes and a better work environment for teachers, according to the Daily Herald. 

LEAD 300, District 300's teacher's union, declared an impasse earlier this month. after the union approved a strike vote in October. Contract negotiations had been ongoing between LEAD 300 and District 300 as both parties tried to find a middle ground on such issues as class size and teacher's compensation. 

The district submitted its final offers to LEAD 300 on Wednesday, which included details on reducing pension benefit contributions, lowering grade school class sizes and continuing salary raises.

Under state law, LEAD 300 was required to submit its final offers to the Board of Education, the mediator and Illinois Education Labor Relations Board by Monday, Nov. 12. 

Joe Stevens, school board president, told the Daily Herald after Monday's meeting the board is also interested in lowering class size within the district but added that "there’s only so many dollars to go around."

cynthia November 16, 2012 at 12:55 AM
Totally agree with the illegal situation in our schools. In Elgin 21 year old men are in High School selling drugs, getting fed, hitting on 16 year old girls. What is said here is true. Thats why Dick Durbin and the Dream act have to be voted out and down in Illinios. However, I have had enough with 143,000 dollar a year or more plus, plus education staff. Consider another 50% of that being spent on benefits also paid for by the tax payer. All so our kids can be 17th to 35th in the world in education. School Boards who cow tow to the administration and a growing administration beyond any reasonable limits.


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