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District 300, Union to Appoint Mediator for Contract Negotiations

LEAD300 has requested smaller class sizes, among other proposals, as part of the negotiations.

The District 300 School Board and LEAD300, the district's teachers' union, has requested a third-party mediator to help with ongoing contract negotiations, according to a statement released last week by the school board. 

The mediator is meant to assist in bringing the negotiations to a timely conclusion, according to the statement. 

In spring 2011, the District 300 School Board and LEAD300 agreed to a one-year collective bargaining agreement for teachers and other certified staff, which expired on July 1, 2012, according to the statement. 

In January, the first negotiation session took place between the union and school board. In sessions since, the teacher's union has not presented any specific proposal with a salary schedule or benefits to the school board, according to the statement.

"The school board has been unable to develop or present a counter-proposal because no dollar amounts or percentages have been proposed to LEAD300," according to the statement. 

LEAD300 has requested, among other proposals, substantially smaller class sizes.

"The school board very much shares this desire to lower class sizes," according to the statement. "But without knowing specifically how much LEAD300 is seeking in terms of salaries and benefits, the school board cannot determine to what extent the district could afford to do so, if at all." 

In the statement, the District 300 school board cited several financial woes facing the district including increased costs in the near future due to state pension reforms that will force D300 to pay between $1 to $3 million more per year. 

The district will gain $3.2 million per year from the re-negotiated Sears EDA in three years. 

"...the increased EDA funding will only begin to partially offset the state funding cuts that D300 has recently suffered in transportation and other areas," according to the statement. 

As of Monday afternoon, there were no updates available on the contract negotiations, according to Allision Strupeck, director of communication services for Community Unit School District 300. 

Source: District 300 School Board Statement

Luka Brat Z July 31, 2012 at 03:45 PM
We could save millions (if not tens of millions) if D300 would work to eliminate/consolidate all the layers of the administrators they created n 2008/2009. Due to urban sprawl, D300's budget has always been tight. So why did they create a whole new level of admin? Starting pay for first year admin in D300 is nearly 80K. Starting pay for a D300 first year teacher is nearly 40k. WTF? Too many folks feeling way too important over there.
Mike Bristol July 31, 2012 at 10:48 PM
wow i totally agree with luka. It is always "upper management" that needs to be cleaned out and reorganized. And our children would benefit from this, after all, they are the future right? Maybe, we should invest in them!!!!!
Inside Info @ D300 July 31, 2012 at 11:24 PM
I'd be more concerned about what the most recent administration is doing; for a group labeled "teaching and learning," they dont seem to be doing much more than adding their close friends to the central office and getting rid of people who disagree with their actions and policies. None of the new superintendents have any experience running a school district and it shows. I'd like to see any evidence that Mr. Bregy has ever produced his own budget without having the someone else do it for him, including when he was at HDJ. Oh, and btw, how many of the superintendents currently in power have led a school that did not fail, let alone consistently, AYP? My count is one. (and I don't believe that was Mr. Bregy, aka Mr. Abercrombie. Grow up, Sir.) At least the last administration could balance a budget. Bregy hired in house council because he knows he's about to get sued. None of them care about audits, let alone know how to follow the LAW. "D300 Innovator" my *** . A school district's public website is not the place for you to crow about your lack of accomplishments Mr. Bregy. Did you get that doctorate yet? He pouted like a spoiled child in Springfield - all of the work to garner support for our school district RE: the EDA was done by others. GET THEM OUT. If the school board wont recognize the abyss we are staring into, then get rid of them too.
Inside Info @ D300 August 01, 2012 at 06:52 PM
hey Dan - none of the above.....care to refute any of the things I listed as issues, or would you rather attack me? who is we? have you ever stepped foot in one D300 meeting? have you ever attended a board meeting? Intelligent discourse may be foreign to you?
Inside Info @ D300 August 01, 2012 at 11:12 PM
You are right, "Dan" is a much more appropriate name. Sounds suitable to the mindless drones the "Teaching and Learning" team have installed. Still waiting for them to figure out what that means - and no, it doesn't mean having high school students decide your schedule during the day, Mr. Bregy. Intelligent discourse would include something called a "discussion." In a "discussion," when someone makes a statement, and the other person disagrees, they respond with another concept called "reasons," not "opinions." For example, when you state "in my personal observations," that would most likely qualify as an "opinion." Conversely, when I stated "I'd be more worried about the current administration" I was referring to the addition of not less than four superintendents, and an in-house lawyer (lets not forget the rest of the "Education Services" department that ballooned), That is a "reason" to believe that the T&L team does not think that class sizes are an issue. 10-20 experienced teachers could have been hired at those rates. And ONLY the lawyer has any real experience in the job. That's a cool million dollars (conservatively) in salaries and benefits. How many teachers could be hired for that sum? I haven't seen a single thing you have written that would qualify as something called a "fact."


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