District 158 Aims to Educate Parents on Dangers of Synthetic Drugs

Spice, K2, Pep Spice, Spice Silver, Spice Gold, Spice Diamond, Smoke, Skunk, Yucatan Fire, Genie and Zoha — these are among the names used to market synthetic cannabis..

Huntley High School along with the Huntley Police Department will host a Parent Education Nigh on Dec. 18 from 7 to 8 p.m. at the Huntley High School Performing Arts Center, 13719 Harmony Road, to inform parents on the serious health concerns associated with the drug, according to the District 158 press release. The informational meeting is open to the public and teens are also encouraged to attend with their parents. 

The use of synthetic cannabis is a growing trend in McHenry County. The forum will make parents aware of the dangers and warning signs of drug use and abuse. 

Synthetic cannabis contains a mixture of herbal plant products sprayed with potent psychotropic drugs, often contaminated with unidentified toxic substances causeshallucinogenic effects similar to those of PCP, according to the news release. 

At the conclusion of the presentation, time will be allotted for a Q&A session with Huntley High School’s Resource Officer Nora Cirks. 


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