School Districts See Decrease in Enrollment

The Northwest Herald reports that Crystal Lake District 47 has fewer students than it did five years ago, which could affect enrollment at District 155 in the years to come.

At least one school district Lake in the Hills students attend has seen a decrease in enrollment in recent years, while another could face declines down the road.

The Northwest Herald reports Crystal Lake District 47 has 510 less students than it did five years ago and the housing crisis could be to blame. There are currently 8,640 students that attend District 47 schools.

District 47 has looked at the option of closing a school and is studying other options, according to the Northwest Herald. 

District 155 officials are prepping for how the decreasing enrollments within D47 will affect its district down the road, according to the Northwest Herald. D155 — a high school district — takes in students from D47 schools, including around 500 Lake in the Hills teens. 

Meanwhile, two other districts with schools that Lake in the Hills kids attend continue to see increases in enrollment.

In Huntley District 158, 8,940 students attended in 2010 — a steep increase from 2,572 in 2000. Community Unit School District 300 has nearly doubled its enrollment since 1984-85, with 19,680 students attending the school in 2010, according to the Northwest Herald. 


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