How Wealth Ranges by Neighborhood in Lake in the Hills

The online tool Rich Block, Poor Blocks uses Google Maps and U.S. Census data to break down the median household income by neighborhood.

There is a notable range in wealth from neighborhood to neighborhood in Lake in the Hills.

But even the neighborhoods with the lowest household incomes are still well above the statewide median household income and are also higher than the state's range for middle-class income, according to Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks, an online tool that combines Google Maps with the most recent Census data to show income and rent prices. 

Some of the wealthiest blocks in Lake in the Hills are concentrated to the area surrounding the Boulder Ridge subdivisions in neighborhoods north and south of Miller Road and immediately east and west of Frank Road.

There, the median household income is $106,635, according to Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks. In comparison, the median household income in Illinois is $56,576 and the statewide middle-class income range is $48,084.20 to $59,245.40. 

A little further north of the Boulder Ridge area is another pocket of wealth. The median household income for families living in neighborhoods north of Miller Road and west of Lakewood — as well as homes north of Miller and west of Swanson Road — is $103,289. 

The median household income for neighborhoods surrounding Sunset Park ranges from about $92,000 to $96,000. And families living north of Algonquin Road and west of Lakewood Route to Highway 47 in Huntley earn a median household income of about $94,0000. 

The less-wealthy neighborhoods are concentrated to the northeastern portion of Lake in the Hills—and is mostly made up of neighborhoods east of Randall Road and north of Algonquin Road. 

The neighborhoods around Woods Creek Lake earn a median household income of $77,697. The average household income for those living in homes north of West Algonquin Road and west of Route 31 and east of Pyott Road is around $73,000.

Neighborhoods west of Pyott Road —including neighborhoods north of Barbara Key Park and in the area of the Lake in the Hills  Airport — and south of James Rakow Road and east of Randall Road earn a median household income of $66,884. 

The poorest neighborhoods in McHenry County are in Harvard where there are neighborhoods with household incomes of around $34,000. 

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a smith March 04, 2013 at 03:11 PM
I wouldnt consider these neighborhoods poor. Considering they are living in McHenry County you can take off about 6 k to 10 k of that income just to pay property taxes.


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