Let The Police Deal With Criminals

Freedom loving Americans should embrace the 2nd Amendment.

The concealed carry gun laws in the United States have raised two questions in my mind:

First, are Americans in an arms race with criminals or concerned about an effort to transform the U.S. into a Socialist or Marxist nation?

Secondly, is arming ourselves going to solve anything?

The controversy over gun limits is growing around the country. Despite the scrutiny of state gun laws after a series of high profile shootings, state legislatures across the country continue to try and scale back gun restrictions. The Kansas House passed a bill in March allowing concealed-carry permit holders to carry their guns into public buildings; The Oregon Legislature defeated a bill that would have banned guns on school grounds; Virginia repealed its statute that blocked citizens from buying more than one gun per month; Oklahoma legislators are likely to allow gun owners to "visibly" carry their non concealed guns.

The gun debate is becoming more polarized among state and federal policy makers. Anti-gun groups and officials are calling for more laws and restrictions relating to gun ownership. Pro gun supporters are fighting to allow guns in schools, workplaces, courts and churches.

My answer to the question above, " is arming ourselves going to solve anything"? has two parts. First, in terms of an armed citizenry vs. criminals, the answer is no because in all probably we would be living in an Old West fastest gun alive environment. With reference to any attempt at turning our country toward socialism or Marxism my answer is yes.  

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Pat Craig January 07, 2013 at 02:03 PM
Perhaps some facts would help answer your question regarding if arming citizens will solve anything, the answer, based upon empirical evindence, shows that in areas where concealed carry or open carry was passed, violent crime went down. Simple, really. Most criminals are very into self preservation. If the chances are that your "victim" will "bite back" you are less likely to try to try to "victimize". Your "wild-west" analogy is based upon a "Hollywood" scenario that is far from the truth. Real history is seldom dramatic enough without a screenwriters "sweetening". Finally, regarding your headline, ask yourself how likely is it that a police officer will be at your side when a criminal decides to strike? So, you can either take personal responsibility for your own security or you can wait until a police officer comes along to put a chalk outline around your corpse. The choice is yours.


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