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McHenry, Kane County Races Results

It's election night. Stay up to date on the latest results on Algonquin-Lake in the Hills Patch.

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Above, you will find the unofficial election results from Kane County, which are pulled from the results page on the Kane County Clerk's election website.The Kane County results do not factor in the city of Aurora results, which are calculated separated and can be found here.

We have included local races below in McHenry County as well as other races of interest. The election results are preliminary. 

For results from congressional, state house and state senate races, visit here. Check back to algonquin.patch.com throughout the night for our latest in election coverage. 

The results in this article are county-specific. Just because a candidate is winning in one county does not mean he or she will win their race. Some districts are spread across several counties. Some county results also do not factor in early or absentee vote counts. 

McHenry County Results 

President/Vice President 

Name Vote Total Percentage of Vote Precincts Reporting Jill Stein (Green) 732 .55 213 of 213  Mitt Romney (R) 71,488 53.34 Barack Obama (D) 59,692 44,54 Gary Johnson (Lib) 423 .32

County Board

District 1 County Board (votes for four) 

Name Vote Total  Percentage of Vote  Precincts Reporting Robert C. Nowak (R) 11,388 20.93 38 of 38 precincts Anna May Miller (R) 11,547 21.22 Yvonne M. Barnes (R) 10,856 19.95 Robert Bless (R)  10,147 18.65 Nick Chirikos (D) 10,450 19.21

County Board District 2 (votes for four)

Name Vote Total  Percentage of Vote Precincts Reporting  Donna Kurtz (R)   11,496 20.34 21 of 38 precincts James L. Heisler (R) 9,768 17.28 Kenneth D. Koehler (R) 9,160 16.26 Carolyn Schofield (R) 9,648 17.07 James P. Kennedy (D) 8,702 15.39 Jim Roden (D) 7,710 13.64

County Board District 3 (votes for four)

Name Vote Total Percentage of Vote Precincts Reporting Joseph Gottemoller (R)  11,388 20.13 15 of 41 precincts  Nick Provenzano (R)  11,937 21.1 Michael J. Walkup 11,545 20.4 Mary McClellan 11,623 20.54 Kathleen B. Schmidt 10,087 17.83

County Board District 4 (votes for four)

Name Vote Total Percentage of Vote Precincts Reporting John D. Hammerand (R)  11,750 21.04 35 of 35 precincts Sandra Fay Salgado (R) 11,850 21.22 Sue Draffkorn (R) 11,666 20.89 Robert Martens Sr. (R) 10,768 19.29 Mary M. Maule (D) 9,765 17.54

County Board District 5 (votes for four)

Name Vote Total Percentage of Vote Precincts Reporting Frank Wedig (Green) 3,993 7.93 29 of 29 precincts reporting Michael Skala (R) 9,857 19.57 John Jung, Jr. (R) 9,441 18.74 Tina R. Hill (R) 9,402 18.66 Michael Rein (R) 8,678 17.23 Paula Yensen (D) 8,969 17.8

County Board District 6 (votes for four)

Name Vote Total Percentage of Vote Precincts Reporting Diane F. Evertsen (R) 10,716 15.12 31 of 31 precincts reporting Mary T. McCann (R) 10,658 15.04 Ersel C. Schuster (R) 9,086 12.82 Michele R. Aavang (R) 10,486 14.8 Scott Summers (D) 7,669 10.82 Ryan Heuser (D) 8,503 12 Jayant Kadakia (D) 5,625 7.94 Larry W. Smith (I) 8,015 11.31



McHenry County Form of Government

Vote Total Percentage of Vote Precincts Reporting Yes  41,501 35.62 212 of 212 precincts reporting No 75,010 64.38

McHenry County Individual Holding Two or More Elected Offices

Vote Total Percentage of Vote Precincts Reporting Yes 12,240 9.75 212 of 212 precincts reporting No 113,341 90.25


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