Study: LITH Airport Draws $28.7 Million to Local Economy

Results from a study by the Illinois Department of Transportation.

A recent study released by Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) through its Division of Aeronautics found the drew $28.7 million in revenue to the local economy, according to a village of Lake in the Hills press release.

A similar study in March 2000 by the Illinois Division of Transportation found the airport had a total economic impact of $19.2 million. 

The Lake in the Hills Airport is designated by the Federal Aviation Administration as a reliever to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, according to the news release. And it is the only public airport in McHenry County.

The village of Lake in the Hills in recent months has been exploring options for increasing the number of tenants that rent out hangars as a way to up revenue sources for the airport. In June, with the hopes of drawing more tenants in. 

Filling three vacancies at the reduced rate of $290 — compared to the prior rate of $378.59 — could bring the village "to the break-even point," according to Village Board documents that indicate renting out more than three spaces would increase revenue.

Services available at the airport include a fixed based operator that provides full service (not self-serve) fuel and charter flights, a flight school, and aircraft maintenance repair facilities with a reputation that draws in pilots from around the region for aircraft repairs, according to the village of LITH press release. 

A small viewing/eating area provides a place for families to picnic while they watch aircraft take off and land, according to the news release. 

LOU PLATEK August 11, 2012 at 04:23 PM
28-29 million dollars? and someone says homeowners need to have thier taxes raised to support the air field? i still believe the airport should be re-developed...with lowering the tax burden on homeowners. a lightly used air-strip is holding back LITH. can we get suggestions for better use of this land? 21st century re-devlopment and jobs,,,,that add to our community 20 miles west-north-west is great open land for an air-strip. miegs field is destin to become a casino and cash cow for Chicago... we lost it...when our annual air-show was grounded the LITH air field could not produce revenue to sponsor the show?


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