Resident Considers Litigation after Palatine Votes 'No' to Chickens

The Palatine village council Tuesday night unanimously voted against allowing a chicken coop in a resident's backyard. The petitioners are now considering litigation against the village for violation of due process.


The tone was slighly contentious at the Palatine village council meeting Tuesday night, as resident Vanessa Barsati attempted to plead her case so she could install a chicken coop in her backyard at 511 Daniels Road. 

"Previous issues [with a neighbor] have not been resolved, this was tabled with the intention that something might be worked out here," said Aaron Del Mar, District 1 councilman. 


Barsanti said Harrison refused to speak with her about her her concerns to try and find a resolution.

"If I am not able to speak to the concerns [of Ann Harrson], you will be violating my due process. I have substantial evidence from realtors, people who own chickens, that Mrs. Harrison's conerns are not valid," Barsanti said. "This is a violation of my procedural due process."

"The public hearing is closed," said Patrick Brankin, village attorney. "Mrs. Barsanti has been afforded her due process rights."


During an August committe of the whole meeting of the village council is when Harrison presented her concerns and the village council voted 6-1 against the petition, but allowed it to be tabled until Barsanti and Harrison could come to some sort of consensus on the issue. 

Barsanti said after the meeting Monday, she is weighing her options. 

"I have submitted a preservation notice to the village, it alerts them they must save all evidence regarding this issue," Barsanti said.

I have evidence that Ann Harrison's concerns are not valid, and because I feel I have been denied the opportunity to present that information, I am considering litigation against the village, Barsanti said. 

Blargh HereIam November 14, 2012 at 04:35 PM
I would like to clarify - and the Village of Palatine has said this as well: This was for a single resident use on half-acre property. NOT a blanket appeal for backyard hens in Palatine. This was never something that was to allow chickens for the village of Palatine. I went last night to watch, and it was sad that the young lady didn't even get a chance to speak her case. Even if they vote no, your own Local government that you live in and pay taxes for should at least let you say something for yourself.


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