Prescribed Burn Scheduled for Friday in Lake in the Hills

The prescribed burn is scheduled to happen in the Meadowbrook Wetland, which is located west of Haligus Road on Miller Road in Lake in the Hills.

If you see smoke Friday above the Medowbrook Wetland — which is located west of Haligus Road on Miller Road in Lake in the Hills— there is likely no need to worry. 

The village of Lake in the Hills has hired V3 Companies to perform a prescribed burn Friday as part of scheduled maintenance to maintain the Meadowbrook Wetland. 

"The trained and experienced crews will be equipped with the latest in control equipment, plus portable radios and cellular phones to keep in touch with each other and the local fire department," according to a press releae. 

The village is asking residents to keep their pets inside and recommends keeping your windows closed.

Depending on weather conditions Friday, the prescribed burn may need to be rescheduled for next week.

If you have any questions regarding the prescribed burn, please contact the Village of Lake in the Hills at (847) 960-7500. For updated information please visit www.lith.org.

What Are the Benefits of a Prescribed Burn? 

Prescribed burns are an efficient and economical tool that reduces the amount of pesticides that otherwise may be needed to control invasive plants.

Fire helps to promote species diversity by controlling invasive woody shrubs and trees. Without fire, natural areas often become thickets of shrubs or weeds with little diversity.

Fire burns off dead vegetation and stimulates new plant growth by allowing sunlight to warm the dark soil, encouraging germination. Fire also enriches the soil by returning nutrients back to the soil.

Source: Village of Lake in the Hills Press Release


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