Poll: Lawn, Yard Maintenance and the Continued Drought

With a continued drought affecting much of the area, how have you been keeping your landscaping and lawn looking nice? Or have you given up on it? Tell us in the comments section.

Area municipalities are out about the need to conserve water with the continued drought. 

Many villages are regulating outdoor water use. The village of Algonquin , now only allowing residents to use outdoor water from 6 to 9 a.m. under its even/odd schedule (homes with odd addresses can water on odd days and even addresses on even days). 

But what has that meant for your home and your lawn this summer? Have you been trying to keep things nice and green or have you let your lawn dry out? Have you chosen to simply water certain plants, your garden and let others go? 

Take our poll and tell us in our comments section how the drought is affecting the upkeep up your lawn, yard and/or garden this summer. 


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