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LITH Village Officials Answer Questions on Urban Coyotes

The following informations comes from a village of Lake in the Hills Resident Insider update. 

Recent coyote sightings in Lake in the Hills have raised many questions about these wild neighbors. 

Though more common in wooded areas, they are highly adaptable to living close to humans and are attracted to easy food sources such as pet food, unsecured trash and high rodent populations. 

Although people are often frightened when they see a coyote wander into their area, there is generally little cause for alarm.                                                

However, if you know of coyotes in the area, it is advisable to closely monitor small pets and children while they are outside. 

To prevent problems with any wild animals, do not attempt to approach or handle them. Bring pet foods in at night and remove any other potential food sources. 

For more information on urban coyotes visit the McHenry County Conservation District website. 


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