LITH OKs Using Airport Hangars as Storage Units

The village of Lake in the Hills will allow rental of the hangars to store vehicles, furniture, appliances and other items.

With the hopes of upping revenue at the Lake in the Hills Airport, the village will now be leasing out its T-hangars—which have been used to store airplanes—as storage units.

The Lake in the Hills Board approved a motion Thursday to lease the hangars as storage space for non-aeronautical items, such as vehicles, furniture, boats, appliances and other items. 

The rental rates for the space, according to the village board memo, are lower than area storage units: 

  • The rental rate for a 5-square-foot by 10-square-foot unit will be $20 per month
  • A 10-square-foot by 10-square-foot unit will be $30 per month
  • A 10-square-foot by 30-square-foot unit will be $55 per month

The Illinois Department of Transportation requests that aircraft leases take priority over non-aeronautical storage, according to the memo. For that reason, the memo noted that if necessary "the lease for non-aeronautical items must be terminated to grant priority to aeronautical storage."

The village of Lake in the Hills adopted an incentive plan this past year to try and drum up more revenue and sign on more T-hangar leases at the airport. The program was in place for about six months and two hangar vacancies were filled during that time, according to the memo. 

Darren Rivchin October 01, 2012 at 07:38 PM
Interesting low prices for storage. So if the Airport has 50 unit available to rent at an average of 30 per unit they can bring in 1500 a month minus an amount for clerical and time and costs of operating as rentals. so maybe 1200 a month profit. I would worry about insurance claims, losses, and wear and tear on the facility. Perhaps they should do some fund raising.... say 1 event every month ? For example : get a few good bands which will donate or reduce costs. sell a 3000 person event for 20 to 25 dollars a ticket. Many vendors, food , beverage companies will donate or reduce costs they could bring in$ 75000 in one day with out alot of effort. Insurance, elec, parking, labor, vendors, would all benefit. The Air port would have aprox 10k in out of pocket expenses but the 60 to 65 k they would make would far out way the 1500.00 and would be done and over one day a month.
brian October 01, 2012 at 08:18 PM
have the concert right on the runway :)
Concerned October 21, 2012 at 07:39 PM
Plane owners will be very hesitant to lease space where their plane can be harmed by the public - the ability to control a plane can be impacted if someone accidentally touches / bends the wrong peice of metal on a wing or rudder. This may result in even less revenue. You won't run off the road if someone leans up against your camper. Secondly, taxiways around the hangers will be trafficked by individuals that don't know airport right-of-way creating a danger for all. I agree with the above that there are much better ways to create the revenue - renting out hangers at an active airport is a bad idea unless there is a clear way to ensure everyone's safety.
Dean Ashby January 31, 2013 at 07:59 AM
If only they can do the same here for self storage in Sydney. I know of a few hangers that could be used this way and I’m sure it could benefit everyone if the storage space is cheap. It would also be a good idea to rent our disused factory floors and warehouses for self storage. I mean they may as well be used for such facilities rather than let them sit around rotting away. I think increasingly, in Sydney at least, more and more people are needing self storage for small businesses such as online selling or just as a temporary place to store their items while they move houses. And why not? Some of these self storage facilities even have movers and packers that do all the manual labour. http://ezestore.com.au


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