Health Department Offers Flooded Homeowners Well Water Test Kits

Kit can tell homeowners if wells and drinking water safe.


Homeowners with private wells may have questions regarding the safety of their drinking water so Kane County is offering well water test kits to evaluate any contamination.

If homeowners are not sure the well is safe, they should use bottled water for drinking, preparing food, making ice, hand washing, washing dishes and preparing baby formula. Do not eat any food that has come in contact with the potentially contaminated water.

The Kane County Health Department has specific instructions on how to disinfect a well and is providing free drinking water sample analysis kits for any wells suspected of being contaminated with coliform bacteria due to flooding. You may obtain sample bottles and instructions for disinfection of wells from the Kane County Health Department at 1750 Grandstand Place, Elgin (Call first to make an appointment)

If there is standing sewage in your yard, the health department recommends roping off the area for a least a week after the water has receded and keeping children and pets away from that area.

Household water use should be minimized if your septic system is flooded.  All non-biodegradable items should be collected with rubber gloves and disposed of.

The KCHD also recommends the following precautions to prevent the spread of waterborne disease: wash hands with plenty of soak and clean, warm running water,

Additionally, the health department recommends washing hands with soap and clean, warm water after handling items contaminated with floodwater or sewage and do not allow children to play in floodwater or flooded areas.

If you have any questions on flood related issues please call the Kane County Health Department 630-444-3040.


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