UPDATE: Expecting Money? Morton Grove May Seize It

If you expect a check from the state of Illinois--say a tax refund--you may not get it if you owe fines or other money to the village of Morton Grove. The village is working with the state to garnish money the state owes you.


This story has been updated with a list of 16 local governments, in addition to the village of Morton Grove, collecting money through this program. 

The village of Morton Grove wants to collect money owed to it, just like everybody else does.

But the village is going to start using a tool the ordinary citizen doesn't have access to, according to the village's website.  It's partnering with the state of Illinois Comptroller's office so that, when the state owes you some money--say in the form of a tax refund--but you owe the village of Morton Grove some money--say in an outstanding fine or fee--the village of Morton Grove can seize the funds.

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According to the village, the Comptroller’s Local Debt Recovery Program allows local governments to submit their outstanding debt to the state, and the state determines whether it is due to pay any of those debtors. If so, it notifies the debtor that he or she has 60 days to contest the debt with the village. If the village believes the debt is valid but the debtor does not, the debtor can contact the state comptroller's office to contest the debt. If the debtor proves his or her case, the state releases the money to the individual. If the debt is found valid, however, the state comptroller's office pays the money to the village.

According to the village, it will post a list of debtors on its website so residents and businesses can check to see if they owe the village money.

The Illinois Comptroller's Office said the following 16 local governments, in addition to Morton Grove, are also collecting money through this program:

o   City of Chicago

o   City of Collinsville

o   City of Joliet

o   City of Northlake

o   City of Rock Falls

o   City of Springfield

o   City of St. Charles

o   City of Urbana

o   College of DuPage

o   Carl Sandburg College

o   IL Eastern Community College

o   Jackson Co Housing Authority

o   Lake Land College

o   Village of Addison

o   Village of Elk Grove

o   Village of Villa Park

Those who would like more information on Morton Grove's program can contact Morton Grove Assistant Village Administrator Peter Falcone at 847-663-3019 or by email at pfalcone@mortongroveil.org.

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sherwin dubren January 12, 2013 at 01:45 AM
Pat, you cannot state what the profits are from Culvers without mentioning the discounts they received. If you sell a car at a discount, your profit is less, even if you claim it is better than having lost the sale. I still maintain that ABT would not have even changed their mind set to seriously look for a new location had we accomodated them in the first place. Although ABT has more land now, they are not in as advantagous location as they had in Morton Grove. MG is situated between two expressways, while the Glenview site is somewhat removed from heavy traffic flow and urban areas. I don't think their larger glitzier location has returned an equal amount on their payout to build it. I think there is still room for another appliance store in Morton Grove that would have no problem drawing customers away from ABT. I think your opposition to the Action Party is only token and you give the appearance of having closer ties to them than you admit. Your so called contributions to MGTV seem way out of line. I think the theololgy thing is not so minor.
Pat Craig January 12, 2013 at 03:11 PM
Sherwin- I'll respond and then let you have the last word. Regarding Culvers', if they had gone to Niles, Morton Grove would have received $0... nothing... nada. They chose to come to Morton Grove, (and since I was not party to the negotiations I don;t know what the determining factor was), and have brought tax dollars and traffic into the village. Regarding ABT, again, it was a business decision on the part of the ABT family. What I think or what you think is worth exactly $0. What matters is the decision of the people who risk their money in a business venture. I am neither for nor against the Action Party, I am not a member, nor do I blindly follow or agree with everything they do. I do, however, believe that folks who keep their word should be rewarded and that those whose word cannot be trusted should be shunned. Regarding video production, the average billing for camera/technical operators working for municipalities runs between $700 - $1,500 per day. On camera talent fees vary but are not cheap. Video editing runs between $150 - $300 per hour. Look at the number of hours produced and do the math yourself... I have and that's where the number came from. Continuing the "theology thing"; see Proverbs 12:15
PAuul January 13, 2013 at 06:54 PM
Pat Craig The union Goon : All the lights went on now !! Look at how the unions have fleeced this state , Pensions, Jobs, and Now they want to hold a gun to our heads to pay for all the backroom deals they made with the thief politicians ! NOW I UNDERSTAND ! Your brainwashing and programming were done to perfection!!
sherwin dubren January 13, 2013 at 09:57 PM
Pat, Let's hope this is the last word. As far as Culver's, I just wanted to clarify your figure of how much the village is getting. The village had to sweeten the deal with tax breaks to get them to come in. That has to be factored into the profits. Sure, Culver's is better than nothing, but why are we in such a position where we will have to bribe businesses to come to MG? I think ABT may have made a bad business decision moving to Glenview. I am not impressed with the fish tank, fancy decor, and private listening rooms. The location is far from ideal, so I think they would have been better off staying in MG. We could have found the space for them. There were huge lots across the street on Waukegan that eventually were sold to car dealerships, at a loss. I still detect a predjudice in favor of the Action Party. Your criticisms are mild and far between. You did not mention the recent fiascos with attempting to gobble up a nice park near Golf and Waukegan and the bru ha ha over bringing Evanston's garbage to Morton Grove. If not for the firm opposition of residents, those projects would have gone through.
sherwin dubren January 13, 2013 at 09:58 PM
I congratulate you on your assistance to the village. We all contribute in our own ways to make this a better place to live in. I do not see a bright future for MG with the Action Party maintaining their stranglehold on village administration. A one party system never works in the interests of the public. There is more to running a village than collecting the garbage and cleaning the snow. I will take another pass on the theology reference.


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