Algonquin Township Election Packed with Candidates

Seven candidates vying for four trustee seats; current Algonquin Township clerk Marc Munaretto challenging Dianne Klemm for supervisor post.


While many local election races are searching for candidates, area township ballots are filled to the brim.

And there's no exception when it comes to the Algonquin Township ballot.

The township race begins with the Feb. 26 Republican Primary, and the Consolidated Election will determine the winners on April 9. The following candidates are running for four-year terms for these Algonquin Township positions:


Sitting township clerk Marc Munaretto is challenging incumbent Dianne Klemm for the supervisor position.


Sitting township trustee Linda Lance is facing challenger Chuck Lutzow for the Algonquin Township Clerk title.


Seven candidates are running for four trustee positions. The candidates include:

  • Dan J. Shea, incumbent
  • Lowell A. Cutsforth, incumbent
  • Russell W. Cardelli, incumbent
  • Neils Kruse
  • Larry Emery
  • Melissa Sanchez
  • William J. Bligh

Highway Commissioner

  • Robert J. Miller, incumbent and unchallenged


  • Robert J. Kunz, incumbent and unchallenged
Virginia Hanes Freyre February 19, 2013 at 02:49 AM
Please vote on Tuesday February 26. It's a privilege to vote and I haven't missed any election since I came of age. Local elections are as important as Presidential elections. It is your money, your job, your children's education and your neighborhood that is at stake. Choose the best man for the job. In the Algonquin Township Supervisor primary, I support Marc Munaretto. I have known Marc personally for over 25 years. He is a wonderful family man with strong ties to the community who has regularly volunteered in the church, the Village of Algonquin, School District 300 and the Rotary. His leadership skills have benefited Turning Point, McHenry County Economic Development Corporation, McHenry County Convention and Visitor Bureau and 14 years on the McHenry County Board. McHenry County has greatly benefited from his knowledge, expertise, dedication, honesty and conservative fiscal policies. A change in leaders is good for the township. Please vote for Marc Munaretto, Algonquin Township Supervisor.
Meli Sanchez February 23, 2013 at 04:13 PM
Vote! It is the only way to make a difference. People think that voting will not impact them but along the road it does. As a candidate I am confident I will be able to bring something else to the Table. i have wirked jn the geberal assembly and on several political calpaigns in the state. i volunteer for various organizations such as the boy scouts, girl scouts, helping hands, St. Mary's church in Huntley etc, Larry Emery has experience working with his consulting and good moral character. He has become involved in the Republican Party here in the local level where you see it's impact the most. Russ Cardelli was the only Algonquin township trustee to vote against pay raises. I admire him for that because in this tough economy he was humble enough to strive to give the money to taxpayers and his community versus giving it to himself. Change is good for everyone, yes we can change things this election cycle. I wish everyone good luck. #SiSePuede


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