Star Wars Heist and Lots of Food-Based Vandalism

A look at weird crimes in our Patch region.

Local police departments provided the following reports. In all incidents where an arrest occurred, a charge is merely an accusation and not evidence of guilt.

Don't let starving countries know we do this

A Northbrook couple awoke to the sound of something striking their home, according to police, and went outside to find eggs had been thrown at the house and vehicle. Police say there was also an empty egg container in the driveway, Oreo cookies stuck to the garage door, chocolate syrup spread on the driveway and front door, and plastic eating utensils on the front yard.

This isn't the memorabilia you're looking for

About $5,000 worth of Star Wars memorable was stolen from a Skokie storage unit.

Bannockburn police pulled over a Libertyville man because his car matched the description of one used in a potential armed robbery, police said. He did not match the description of the robbery suspect, but police said they smelled the odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle and police found two glass jars and three plastic bags with a leafy substance that tested positive for cannabis. There was also a digital scale. He is being charged with possession of cannabis and possession with intent to deliver.

All that promise of a new employee wasted

A Bar Louie employee in Skokie was found on the bathroom floor sleeping after drinking numerous beers. When the manager attempted to wake him up, the man became aggressive and attempted to attack his manager, police said.

Po-po creates poo-poo unit

In separate cases in Palatine and Skokie, victims reported that feces was smeared on their cars.

3 out of 4 dentists feel awful about this crime spree

A man stole a $41 cordless shaver and two “electric flossers” worth $65 from a Wilmette store.

Also her last name is Wamaged-Dindshield

Someone smashed the windshield and passenger side window of a car and poured marinara sauce inside while parked in Wilmette. The broken glass jar of sauce was in the backseat, police said. The vehicle’s owner told police she suspected a jealous ex-boyfriend may be responsible and thought the offender chose to use a specific brand of tomato sauce that resembled her middle name.

The people who were egged should try to be nicer to the young kids in the neighborhood. Trust me, these aren't random. These are targeted hits. It starts off with ding dong ditch, followed by the old "banana in the tailpipe trick", then graduating too egging, and the best, "flaming dog poop in the paper bag". You probably could be charged with arsen these days though. Please, Do Not Try This At Home!


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