Fire Officials Ask Residents to Clear Snow from Hydrants

Fire officials are asking residents to clear snow away from the nearly 3,000 hydrants located in Crystal Lake.

The Crystal Lake Fire Rescue Department is asking residents to "adopt" a fire hydrant in their neighborhood during this snowy winter season.

The snow and cold can be a challenge for the fire department, causing delayed responses for ambulances and fire engines, according to a news release issued by the fire department.

Winter is a busy time with car accidents, medical emergencies, fire alarms and fires. 

"Fires are extremely difficult with extreme cold and heavy snows that make access to fire hydrants difficult," the release states. 

When responding to a fire, crews spot the closest fire hydrant as they approach the location of an emergency. Finding the closest hydrant and connecting hoses to a hydrant quickly is critical because a fire can double in size in every minute. If a hydrant can't be located and accessed quickly, lives can be lost and property damage can be extensive, the release states. 

Fire officials are asking residents to adopt a hydrant and remove snow from at least two feet away from the hydrant to the street to help make it visible and accessible for firefighters to connect hoses. With almost 3,000 hydrants throughout the city, the fire rescue department needs residents' help. 


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