91 Animals Taken from Woodstock Home

Homeowner not located in the home but 19 dogs, 11 cats, three rabbits, 55 birds were found alive. Sheriff’s deputies later located the homeowner in Park Ridge and an investigation is ongoing.


McHenry County Sheriff’s deputies doing a well-being check on a Woodstock homeowner who had not been seen for weeks discovered her home was filled with 91 animals including a dead dog, cat and bird, according to reports.

Deputies arrived at the home, 8617 Bull Run Trail, Monday to check on the homeowner. Due to the appearance of the home and a strong odor coming from inside, deputies entered the residence, reports stated.

While the homeowner was not located, sheriff’s deputies observed several animals in the home with no visible signs of food or water, according to reports. The home was also filled with feces, deputies said.

The sheriff’s office contacted McHenry County Animal Control for assistance with the animals within the residence. A search warrant was obtained to search the residence and care for the animals. After the execution of the search warrant a total of 91 animals were found: 19 dogs, 11 cats, 3 rabbits, 55 birds and a deceased dog, cat, and bird.

All the animals were turned over to Animal Control.

Investigators had been looking for the homeowner, Virginia E. Dinucci, 54,  and were concerned about her well being, reports stated. Ultimately, Dinucci was located in a Park Ridge apartment, deputies said.

The investigation into this incident is still ongoing.

B.E. October 31, 2012 at 10:45 AM
This is so sad & tragic to read. Those poor animals depending upon the mercy of human to meet their basic needs only to be neglected in such a horrid way! Shame on her! For the sake of those animals, I sincerely hope she is punished accordingly & is monitored & NEVER allowed to own ANY animals EVER again!!! McHenry County Animal Control...I thank you for what you did to help those animals & I have faith that you will find them loving & caring homes. I hope that your assistance in this matter isn't death row for these precious animals. I will be contacting you to see what I can do to help. Thank you to McHenry County Sheriff's department as well & for the person/people who were proactive enough to call. One question though...why wait WEEKS to call?!? CALL IMMEDIATELY if you suspect/think there may be a problem!!! Better to find out all is well then to allow suffering like this to go on & on for weeks on end!!! YOU wouldn't want to be left like that--why would animal?! WE are their voice!!! God bless.
Eileen Alberstadt October 31, 2012 at 11:53 PM
This is very sad. Another case of neglect in just 2 days over a month. These people (the woman in this case and the Messina's Patricia and Sal in Spring Grove), who neglected and starved 26 + Great Danes. They were made to eat their own feces and cedar chips just to survive. Thank God an Electric man going out to shut off the power to the home they were renting and destroyed smelled an odor and called the police. These people like this woman and Patty and Sal Messin'a should not ever be allowed to have any animal in their possession again. Its a shame that the laws in IL as many other states do not protect animals. People, call your Senators and Reps and ask them to fight for stronger laws. We are the voices of these animals. SPEAK UP!
cynthia November 01, 2012 at 12:14 AM
The above two comments are right on the money.. Also call Mchenry county Board and the States Attorney's office and DEMAND charges are filed aganist this women immediatly. Thats why we pay high tax's. I want to Thank the McHenry County Police for doing the right thing and taking action BRAVO. These people were going to leave these animals to starve to death. Vulgar vile criminals. They need to go to jail for a long time.
Eileen Alberstadt November 02, 2012 at 01:55 AM
I am hoping that this woman gets the same Judge. He is Judge Wilbrandt that the Messina's have since he is already familiar with this kind of case. He is all about the animals. I thought he handled the interveining case very well. McHenry County should be proud to have a judge like him. I just hope that the court is tough on the Messina's when they have their final hearing on the 20th of Nov. People should really take an interest in these cases and stand by and be the voice of these poor animals. Justice for these babies.


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