Letter to the Editor: GOP Coroner Endorses Tao Martinez as Kane Coroner Candidate

Recently retired McDonough County coroner throws his support to candidate in Kane County race.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am wrting to encourage all voters to become aware of one of your candiates for the Office of Kane County Coroner. I am a recently retired county coroner after serving for 28 years as coroner. I have had four county coroners serving in two different counties since 1972. I served as President of the Illinois Coroners & Medical Examiners Association in 1992 and served over 20 years as a board member.. I have served on the Necropsy Board that oversaw the conduct of coroners offices across Illinois. I am a past member of the International Coroners & Medical Examiners Association. During this time I have had the pleasure meeting and working with numerous coroners.

Each elected or appointed official operates his or her office in similar yet in different manners-yet meeting all the requirements specified by law. Some were republicans and some were democrats (pretty much a label). What I did find was that the good ones had a stong desire to serve the people,respect the law, hard working, empathetic caring people with a strong desire to continue learning-so they might better serve the people.

I have been fortunate to meet and get to know Tao Martinez and his family. I found Tao to be a good businessman, a wonderful family man, a caring person-generous to a fault upright citizen. He runs his bio-hazard business in the most professional manner and has made it his mission to assist those in need of his serves in a caring and professional way during often very difficult times. He has exhibited the  hunger to learn everything he can about the operation of the coroners office and developed a strong desire to serve others as their coroner. If elected, I am confident Tao would operate the office in a professional and respectful manner.He has shown all the attributes that make a good coroner. I would encourage you to vote for Tao Martinez for the Office of Kane County Coroner.

Respectfully submitted,

Larry R. Jameson

McDonough County Coroner (Republican)

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V. Scheurich September 08, 2012 at 04:02 PM
A little off the subject but can someone explain why liberals want gun control when the criminals will be the only ones with weapons then? http://weaselzippers.us/2012/09/08/democrats-delete-reference-to-what-works-in-chicago-in-partys-platform-on-gun-control/


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