Cabinets to Go in Elgin=Bad News

I'm not sure what is going on with the folks over at Cabinets to Go in Elgin, IL, but they need to get their act together.  Not only have we heard several customer complaints on how very poor their products are, but there are several times in which customers have ordered cabinets, but have never received them or heard back from the company.  It seems as though they have very poor organization.  We were hired to deliver cabinets for this company and can attest to the poor quality.  Several times we saw damaged items that they would have us deliver.  We always photographed the damage prior to putting the cabinets on our truck, so the customers could not claim the damaged happened in transport.  Anyway, we have not been paid for our services.  Cabinets to Go and OMS have claimed to have lost the BOLs more than once and now are asking us, "well, didn't we already pay you?"  NO, you didn't!  In my opinion, Cabinets to Go is a desperate company.  They are trying to obtain as many orders as they can, but don't seem to care about the quality.  I would also think that when they finally get an order, they would keep track of it, but apparently they don't know how to do that either.  Another thing, Cabinets to Go doesn't seem to care about their customers until they leave a negative review online.  Then they want to talk to resolve the situation, privately, of course.  Well, for us,  it's too late.  We'll just take that $900+ that you owe us and use it to "advertise" your company in a true light.  Stay away from Cabinets to Go!  There are plenty of other places to shop that are reliable and offer a much better quality.  Cabinets to Go in Elgin, IL, you're welcome, we do hope you get your money's worth of advertising. 


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