Village Board to Vote on Higher Plot Costs at Algonquin Cemetery

The rise in fees is meant to keep up with maintenance of the historic cemetery, village officials said.

The Algonquin Village Board is expected to vote Tuesday to a steep increase in plot fees at the Algonquin Cemetery.

If approved, the cost for residents purchasing a grave site at the Algonquin Cemetery, 990 Cary-Algonquin Road in Algonquin, would increase from $700 to $1,000 for residents and from $1,200 to $1,350 for non-residents. There are currently 1,744 plots available at the cemetery. 

Village of Algonquin officials said the fees need to be increased to keep up with the maintenance of the historic cemetery, including maintenance of the grounds as well as infrastructure maintenance of driveways, signage and mausoleums. 

"The rate was adjusted in 2010, and before that, it has been awhile," said Michael Kumbera, Algonquin's assistant to the village manager. 

In the past five years, 107 monuments were repaired at the cemetery. During the same time period, 29 sites were sold and 97 interments were held at the cemetery. 

Trustee Jerry Glogowskil, during a Dec. 11 Committee of a Whole meeting, questioned the need for such a steep increase while other trustees backed the village's wish to impose the changes. 

“This is an enterprise fund. We only charge what we need to charge to maintain the facility in the respective we have been able to maintain it,” said President John Schmitt. “We are not doing this to make money off of it.” 

Interment fees are also proposed to increase. The increase would "reflect the most recent cemetery agreement with Professional Cemetery Services," according to the proposed ordinance change. 

Interment fees would increase from $675 to $1,000 on weekends and holidays and from $600 to $850 on weekdays. The disinterment fees would remain the same at $1,100 for weekdays and $1,250 on weekends and holidays. 

The Algonquin Village Board will meet at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday at Village Hall, 2200 Harnish Drive. 


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