Patch Flash: Armed Robbers Tie Up Senior Couple in Glenview

Chicagoland news to talk about: Skimming device found at Chase Bank ATM.

Monday night, and proceeded to rob them of $60,000 in jewelry. According to police, the men posed as delivery men to enter the unit.

No more free RTA rides for seniors due to budget cuts. using standards adopted from Illinois Department on Aging "Circuit Breaker" program. All other seniors will pay a discounted, half-price, fare.

. A portion of Channahon has a 7.25 percent tax rate, lower than that of many neighboring communities. Some Chicago-based companies take advantage of that by shifting their point of purchase to satellite offices in the village, thus reducing costs to consumers and making their products more marketable, according to a Chicago Tribune report. As a result, Channahon is receiving the sales tax, instead of Chicago, in some cases. Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office is also expected to pursue legal action against the communities on behalf of the city of Chicago.

And more transportation news from Huntley Patch: to build a full interchange at Route 47 and Interstate 90 a few years ahead of schedule,, said Rocco Zucchero, a tollway spokesman. Under the tollway’s current capital project program, the Route 47 full interchange would not be built until 2013 or 2014, Zucchero said.



by a repairman fixing a jam on the machine. The phony card swiper is used to "skim" bank information from a card's magnetic strip. Once thieves skim the information, it can be transmitted wirelessly to others waiting nearby. A Chase spokesman said the company has not detected any fraud related to the incident.




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