Algonquin Teen Expected to Enter Plea in 2010 Fatal Shooting of Father

David W. Szalonek is accused of killing his father, Brian Sazlonek, in their Algonquin home.

An Algonquin teen who fatally shot his father in their Algonquin home on Feb. 8, 2010 is expected to enter a guilty but mentally ill plea to a second-degree murder charge, according to the Northwest Herald.

David W. Szalonek, now 19 years old, is accused of shooting his father, Brian Sazlonek, who was 51 years old, in the head with a shotgun at their home on Westbourne Parkway, according to the article. Szalonek's defense attorney told the Northwest Herald his client has Asperger's syndrome and spent time in psychiatric care before the shooting

The Northwest Herald has more on this story.

nullroutezero November 28, 2012 at 05:27 AM
This was so premeditated that is sicking. I knew that family and I heard that there were posts and plans to due this sick act days before it happend. I guess it was spead all over facebook days before this happened. If if this is the case that the kid has an illness then why were there guns laying all over the house. Just ask the officers on the scened who recoved several guns loosely stashed all over the house. Maybe the mother should be locked up for this but she is going to cry wolf that they were abused. No excuse for murder especially one that was planned. Kid waited until dad went up stairs and went to bed and deceided to take the law into his own hands. Sorry but he need to pay for what he did and I would investiate the mother more closely while I was at it.
Josh December 15, 2012 at 02:33 PM
And maybe I would agree with you - if he wasn't my friend. I knew him in junior high school and he was one of the best kids there. In fact, back then, I had invited him to one of my birthday parties at a lazer tag arena. Knowing him personally, his father absolutely was abusive. Very much so. We knew this before any of this happened, and so did the other families who went to the same junior high school we were going to. And honestly, he could have turned out to be much worse than he did, which showed maturity and self control. His father was assaulting his mother, and he felt that he needed to defend her by shooting his father. What would you or I have done differently, under the same pressures, and the same conditioning? Nobody is perfect. Not only this, but his family needs him. How long would you force his family to be seperated from their son/grandson? How long would you cause them that pain? What is sickening to me is the lack of compassion in this world. Does anyone have any mercy with others these days?
J January 11, 2013 at 11:11 PM
I was actually David Szalonek's cell mate for several months in the Kane County Jail. (C Pod cell 26 to be exact) David is no longer a dangerous person in my opinion. I understand In fact he suffers from severe mental illness caused, in my opinion, by Asperger's Syndrome coupled with years of severe physical abuse of not only his Father, but other family members as well. He vividly described being raped by a close family member, then spending time in Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital, only to return to a father that abused the entire family. I do not condone what he did by any means, but you must look at the bigger picture. He does not seem to understand what he did. He does take responsibility for it. And the version he told contained no premeditation. Just a father that pushed his son too far. He is guilty. That is certain. But, given the circumstances, does the punishment fit?


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