Lulu's Closes in Downtown Algonquin, Moves to CL Store

Lulu's Wiggin Out in downtown Algonquin has closed up shop.

One downtown Algonquin business has shut its doors and moved its merchandise to its Crystal Lake location. 

Lulu's Wiggin Out closed at 128 Main Street in Algonquin last week. 

The business has moved to its Crystal lake Shop at 63 N. Williams Street to consolidate all its merchandise—which includes women's clothing, accessories and a wide variety of wigs—under one roof, according to a post on the Lulu's Wiggin Out Facebook page

“We have brought all of our services to a single location to better serve our customers," said Luann Bauer, owner of Lulu’s Wiggin Out, in the Facebook post. "Our downtown Crystal Lake store is a popular location, easily accessible, and offers the room to expand our collection of women’s accessories."

Lulu's is known for its wig salon, which assists women going through chemotherapy or hair loss. A licensed cosmetologist is on site to help customers with their wig selection, according to the Facebook post.

The boutique has real and synthetic wigs and also has hats, scarves, turbans and other items for those dealing with hair loss. 

Bauer, a breast cancer survivor, first opened her store in Algonquin in 2005 as a wig salon and later added accessories and women's clothing, according to the Facebook post. 

“I was committed to helping women feel beautiful while undergoing the difficulties of cancer,” Bauer said. “We pride ourselves on the personal service we offer to help our customers find the perfect wig, accessory or gift.”

Dorothy Kotscha January 22, 2013 at 02:22 PM
I have a feeling that Lulus is not going to be the first business to move out of downtown Algonquin in the next year or two...
Anthony P. January 22, 2013 at 07:24 PM
Well Algonquin Trustees' you've asked what can be done to improve downtown Algonquin. The reasons why they are moving out stated in this article should be plain as day and pretty much should not be a surprise to anyone who knows the basics of running a successful business. Putting something like the Tyvek tower on that street corner basically clashed with the rest of the ambiance of the old town feel the rest of main street 31 offers. You do not see anything like that on the main corner of downtown Long Grove now do you? If anything it should be public parking so people can walk in any direction to go shop. That's the center of your downtown Algonquin! You made your bed Trustee's now lie in it! More articles like this to come I'm sure!


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