Fat Tuesday is Next Week: Where is Your Favorite Place to Get a Paczki?

For many, Fat Tuesday, which is coming up on March 4, is not complete without this fried dough Polish treat.

Written by Shannon Antinori

For many area residents, Fat Tuesday — which falls on March 4 this year — is not complete without the delectable Polish delicacy known as paczki. 

Due to the Chicago area's large Polish population, the fried dough creation has become a staple of the pre-Lenten celebration and indulgence. Filling and icing varieties make the choices almost unending.

But you don't have to be Polish to enjoy the seasonal goody.

Tell us in the comments section: Where is your favorite place to get a paczki? And what is your favorite flavor or filling for your paczki?  

We will use your suggestions to compile a list of the best paczki places in and around town in preparation for Fat Tuesday. 


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