AT&T Boosts Wireless Connection for Metra Commuters

Metra commuters will have more consistent Internet coverage and connectivity.

Metra/Credit: Patch file
Metra/Credit: Patch file
By Editor Michael Sewall

AT&T is working to improve Internet coverage along Metra's 11 area train lines, the mobile company announced Tuesday. 

It installed 4G LTE-capable "small cell sites" along each of the 11 Metra lines in the Chicago area, providing smoother and more consistent Internet coverage for commuters. 

"The added sites will provide additional network capacity and boost speeds to give commuters a consistent experience as they move along the train routes," according to an AT&T news release. 

The small cell sites have been installed on utility poles parallel to each route. 

Meanwhile, Metra has been exploring ways to provide free WiFi to its commuters. However, according to news reports last year, it could cost more than $70 million to install wireless internet on all 11 Metra lines over five years. 

Do you use your phone or laptop to connect to the Internet on the train? Should Metra add WiFi to its trains? 
Eric Borchert January 22, 2014 at 05:16 PM
I would love a better Internet solution on the train. I find myself battling for 3g Internet when the trains are full. I think the same would happen if Metra offered WiFi. Too many users and not enough bandwidth.


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