Around the Clock Restaurant is NOT Closing

Around the Clock Restaurant and Bakery in Crystal Lake aims to dispel rumors it is closing.

Around the Clock staffers. Photo: Around the Clock
Around the Clock staffers. Photo: Around the Clock
Around the Clock Restaurant owners Steve and Fano Theofanous believed if they ignored a rumor, it would eventually go away.

Since last March, the brothers repeatedly fielded questions from customers and employees asking if the restaurant was selling.

The rumor circulating throughout the Crystal Lake area was the restaurant would close this past August and be replaced by a CVS pharmacy. 

"We thought the rumor would go away once August came and went, and we were still here," Steve Theofanous said. "But then it kept going." 

The brothers, who have operated the business located at 5011 Route 14 for 38 years, tried to shrug off the story, but it eventually began taking its toll on their staff and customers.

"We have about 70 employees," Steve Theofanous said. "It really did create a lot of stress for our staff, some worried about losing their jobs. And we didn't want to lose our employees, and a lot of our customers were concerned." 

The brothers recently decided quell those concerns and end the rumor once and for all. The duo is offering $10,000 to any person who can provide proof of sale of Around the Clock to CVS. 

They've even posted the offer on the restaurant's Facebook page, with employees photographed holding signs of the offer.

 So far, no one's come forward to claim the prize.

"And no one will," Steve said. "Because they can't." 

Around the Clock is a casual dining restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, specialty pies, cakes and other bakery items. 


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