Algonquin's Artwork Challenge

Those who can locate and take their picture next to five of the 39 pieces of art throughout the village will receive a Patch tote bag.

As part of the Public Art Program, the village commissions local artists to display their talent throughout Algonquin. For the next 11 months, more than 30 local and regional artists will have their work showcased for residents to enjoy.

There are 16 locations adorning the art work—both indoor and outdoor. Can you spot them all? If you take your photo next to the art and send it to Patch, we'll post it on the site! E-mail it to Editor Savannah Ziegelbauer at savannah.ziegelbauer@patch.com.

And those managing to get a picture next to at least 5 pieces will recieve a free Patch tote bag!


  • Marcia Babler – Invitation – Photography [Archival Pigment Print]
    "Legends of St. Patrick and the colorful doors of Ireland inspired 'Invitation'. Legends refer to church ruins with a very narrow stone window to visualize how to get to heaven. In 'Invitation' you can't miss the central bright red door, above which hovers an opening in the sky." 
  • Suzy Hendrix – Reliquary Fan Series – Glass
    "In an endeavor to duplicate vintage lace in glass, these pieces are made from very fine glass in delicate colors. These kiln fired pieces are reminiscent of
    vintage fans one might find tucked away at grandmother's or perhaps only as a memory." 
  • Jennifer Meyer – Bell Ringing in the Sky – Sculpture [Metal]
    "Created from found objects and salvage collected on daily walks, the sculpture invites the viewer to strike the bell and pause for a moment to appreciate the resonance an impact makes. This phenomenon is true of our every action in life." 
  • Carol Peacock – Musicians – Painting [Oil]
    My work "is focused on Universality, Diversity, Purpose and Expression of Love and Kindness and Unity. If you feel unity, serenity and/or love when you view my paintings, then I have accomplished my purpose. When we quiet ourselves in meditation, we learn it is safe to feel. Feeling is knowing. Knowing is confidence. Confidence leads us back to our higher self, helping us to be our highest vision of ourselves at all times." 

River Pointe Shopping Center

  • Ed Iversen – Wind – Sculpture [Steel and Aluminum] "This 11-foot tall sculpture is made of steel and aluminum and powder coated black, gold, red, and white." 

  • Jennifer Browe-Ullery – Vermont West – Painting [Watercolor] "Art is a release for me, an extension of who I am. The result is a window into personal interpretations of my life experiences." 
  • Nancy Cook – Wish – Sculpture [Mixed Media] This sculpture of a seated doll is made of many different media, including clay, leather, paint, wood, and other assorted embellishments. 
  • Ed Iversen – Tower of E's – Sculpture [Metal]
    This sculpture was originally intended to be a 'Leaning' tower, however during welding the piece began to straighten out and it is simply called 'Tower of E's'. 
  • Bryan Massey, Sr. – Adam & Eve Mourning Over the Soul of Abel – Sculpture [Steel]  "This sculpture captures Adam and Eve embracing each other in comfort at the memorial marker of Abel's death."
  • Edward C. Robison – Corn Rows at Sunset – Photography [Giclee]
    My goal is to "inspire people to connect to the spirit of the land through photography. By conveying the inherent energies in the land and expressing the unity of all things, I hope that my photographs will help renew the natural connection of earth and mankind." 

Algonquin Lakes North

  • Blair Motl – Flying Above – Sculpture [Metal]
    "I worked with the Boys and Girls Club of Dundee this summer and we made a dragonfly with a wing span of 14'x14'. It is a combination of my metal and
    the kids' imagination." 

CSD 158 Administration Building

  • Drew Gentle – Caroline Grey – Drawing [Oil Pastel]
    "All my imagery, be it in drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, clay, or wax springs from a desire to connect to the humanity in all of us; to reach through the feelings of isolation and aloneness and make contact with that which makes us human." 
  • Carol Peacock – Sensual Poppies – Painting [Oil] 
  • Deirdre Schanen – As If I Could Leave With Something I Could Touch – Painting [Acrylic] "I never know where my paintings come from since all of my experiences go into the making of my paintings. The more they surprise me, the better they are." 

  • Colin Burke – Troubled – Painting [Acrylic]
    "I bring elements of illustrative and abstract artwork into my paintings to capture emotion and energy in the subject through color and texture." 
  • Brad Downard – Blue #3 – Painting
    "The inspiration for my paintings ultimately comes from the viewer, him or herself. The energy, emotion, and passion the individual experiences with any form of art is an extremely powerful and inspirational force." 
  • Drew Gentle – Rhonda Has Trouble With Aging – Drawing/Illustration 

  • Anne Marie Cina – Kitty Litter – Painting [Watercolor]
    "Kittens can cause smiles; Smiles can cause good feelings; We all need more good feelings; Therefore we all need kittens." 
  • Nancy Cook – Spirit Guide – Mosaic
    This mosaic is dedicated to Native American ancestry and spirituality. Individual clay tiles (10,000) were independently painted and fired with companion
    bas relief in clay. 
  • Cathy Fields – It's the People – Painting
    "Metaphorically, it's the people who give color and meaning to the city. It's the simple things in life and a sense of community that make a city a home." 
  • Judith Halek – Running Out of…Time – Painting [Mixed Media]
    "Life moves fast and everything changes too fast. Life ends and new life begins." 

  • Jose Bolet – Solitude and Armor – Painting/Drawing
    "These paintings are part of a larger project that I call 'Metropolis'. They represent the conflicts, isolation, distress and ambiguity of the urban society in modern days. My fascination with armors started very early on in my career as an artist, and it progressively evolved to a much more complex and versatile way to suggest or evoke a variety of emotional stages that are constantly flooding our existence, in which the subject matter is as important as the color." 

Public Works Office

  • Claire Tait – Please see individual artwork descriptions below – Painting/Drawing
    -Tree Helicopter Seed: "Textured painting using a helicopter seed as a stencil. In appreciation for the variety of trees that are found in Algonquin."
    -Caterpillar: "I enjoy the many nature preserves found in Algonquin. This drawing is in appreciation of the Bird and Butterfly nature preserve found in Gaslight Park."
    -Snake: "As a college student I found the Detroit zoo the inspiration of many drawings. This drawing is in appreciation of their reptile house." 

Historic Village Hall

  • Juliana Jaskold – The Beachouse and Girl in the Rain – Painting [Oil]
    Girl in the Rain is "an oil painting of a girl walking near the ocean in the rain. Many emotions inspired this piece."
  • Jeff Kennedy – Bike Shop – Painting [Watercolor]
    This piece is a "watercolor vignette of the Prairie Trail Bike Shop, which once serviced those individuals who bike along the Prairie Trail Path."
  • Jeff Kennedy – Maps – Painting [Watercolor] 

  • Milton Pagan – Bible Prophets – Painting [Mixed Media]
    This painting features the names of the chapters from the Bible, drawings of the Ten Commandments, and illustrations of people with the basic needs for
    their church. 

  • Sarah Ogren – Please see individual artwork descriptions below – Mixed Media [Paper, Paint, Pen, Ink]
    -She Cried the Tears on which You Sail: "I use rabbits and birds quite often in my work. Rabbits usually represent myself. Birds represent my heart. This piece is about having a broken heart."
    -How to Transport a Whale: "I find a lot of inspiration for my work in antique illustrations. This particular piece was inspired by antique hot air balloon illustrations."
    -Maybe We Could Start over Together: "Another area of inspiration is from my own personal experiences. This piece is about starting over and building a new life and experiences." 
  • Edward C. Robison – Epiphany – Photography [Giclee]

  • Kay Clark – Barbara Key Park – Fall – Photography
    "I love Fall's last hurrah of color before the long, 'brown' winter so when I saw the bright colors of this setting at Barbara Key Park, I had to capture it on film!" 
  • Siti Mariah Sullivan – Virginia Theater (Champaign, IL) – Painting [Watercolor]  "I did a series of 18 watercolor paintings of Illinois theaters including the Virginia Theater. It brought back fond memories of my experience going to the Malaysian movie theaters during the 1950s & '60s. Now, in the USA, I continue going to the movies as well as finding pleasure painting and recording these historical theaters."

  • Judith Halek – Mountain View in Gold #3 – Painting [Mixed Media]
    This piece "is inspired by nature. It is the end of summer, changes in the seasons, a reflection on the past days, and an anticipation of the days ahead of us." 
  • Diane Keys – Patterns – Mixed Media Collage
    "Patterns' is a collage on canvas made entirely of found objects from in and around the Elgin area. Items were collected and put together as a chronicle of time and place, sealed in beeswax." 


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