WATCH: Massive Ice Boulders Wash Up on Lake Michigan Shore

The natural winter phenomenon has been getting a lot of attention in recent days.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube
It is an incredible sight to see — ice boulders the size of beach balls washing up on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Several YouTube videos have been uploaded in recent days of the massive sea of ice boulders that have recently taken over the shore of Lake Michigan in Michigan. Check out two of the YouTube videos above to view the footage. 

A park ranger at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park explained to MLive.com that much like how stones are shaped, the ice boulders form after chunks of ice break off into the lake and the waves wash over the sheets, smoothing out and rounding the edges and eventually creating the ice balls. 

Some of the ice boulders are believed to weigh as much as 75 pounds, according to the article. 

Livescience.com named the "basketball-orbs of ice" formed and photographed along Lake Michigan on Feb. 21, 2013, as one of the most amazing images on Earth of 2013. Visit Livescience.com to view that image

Chicago meteorologist Tom Skilling was impressed and posted a YouTube video of the most recent ice balls on his Facebook page.

"...In all my years of working in meteorology, I honestly can't say I've ever seen anything quite like this," Skilling posted on his Facebook page


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