Summer Camp Tips And Checklist

Tips for sending your kids to day or overnight summer camp.

I can't believe that school is over in a few weeks!

For months, many Moms have been planning and researching local summer camps and maybe even some overnight camp options. Summer camps are important for creating friendships, exposing your kids to new interests, keeping their minds and bodies active during the summer, potentially exploring nature, and serving as childcare for working parents.

You can choose to send your kids to camp for a few hours a day, for the whole day or even for a week. My kids have gone to some super-cool camps over the years such as Harry Potter camp, Wet 'n Wild swim camp, Exploring Nature camp, Design Your Own Video Game camp, and even Quilting Camp. There's definitely a camp for every kid's interest. There are even some wonderful special needs camps, just search online or ask your pediatrician for recommendations.

What was important to me in choosing a summer camp was:

  • Trust - did I feel comfortable leaving my child with the counselors?
  • Fun - were my kids going to enjoy this experience and were there enough interests for both my son and daughter to go to the same place?
  • Size - would the kids be broken into groups so it wasn't overwhelming and they got lost in the crowd?
  • Location & timing - with two working parents was it easy for one of us to drop off and pick up the kids?

Ask your neighbors or your childs' friends if they are going to summer camp. If you can coordinate it, sometimes it's nice for kids to see a face they know on the first day of camp.

This year will be the first year my child is going to overnight camp. He'll be camping for a week in Wisconsin with the Boy Scouts. While I'm super excited for him and all the fun he'll have, I'll miss him and worry about how he'll do his first time away from home for that long.

I did a little research on how to prepare for summer camp and thought I would share this great article on Creating Happy Campers. I also created a Checklist for Getting Moms & Kids Ready for Summer Camp to help Moms plan for their kids summer fun.

However, I want to hear from all of you summer camp expert Moms out there! Please share your tips on how to choose the right camp for your child, what gear the kids need, how to handle homesickness, and how to handle Mom-child separation anxiety. 

We all want to be Happy Campers!

Kristin May 19, 2011 at 04:17 PM
Don't forget Vacation Bible Schools as a great place to start when kids are young!!


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